Lviv Essentials

Audio Tour of Lviv Main Attractions

On this tour, you will visit the most significant locations шт Lviv, and we will help you to feel the unique atmosphere of the city through its stories.

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You can study Lviv all your life,  but it does not take much time to fall in love with it. This VoiceGuide tour is designed to give you a general impression of the city in a single day. You will hear several interesting local legends, and learn many historical facts while visiting the most significant attractions of this old and magnificent city.  The tour starts near the main Greek Catholic church of Lviv, St. George's Cathedral and at the end it will bring you to the very heart of the city -  Rynok Square.

St. George's Cathedral
St. Andrew's Church
Brewers monument
Monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Lviv
Monument of Nikifor Epifaniy Drovnyak
Former Dominican Church
Monument of Nikifor Epifaniy Drovnyak
Rynok square
Rynok square
Space of synagogues memorial