Seven Reasons to Visit Lviv


Lviv is the hallmark city of western Ukraine, located in less than 100 km from the Polish border.  For the last three decades, residents of Lviv have strived to shake off its former Soviet status and become a truly European city. Today it is a popular vacation destination for many Ukrainians as well as tourists from all over the world.

 Seven reasons to visit Lviv

1.         Cultural Capital of Ukraine

Lviv is justly considered the cultural capital of Ukraine. Any time of year the city offers a diverse program of events and activities with something for everyone.  Lviv hosts various festivals for music, visual and performance arts, books and literature and, of course, culinary arts. 

The city is home to more than 60 museums and ten theaters. The century-old Lviv Opera Theater is widely known beyond Ukraine.  The Maria Zankovetska Drama Theater, formerly the Skarbek Theater, was the third largest theater in Europe when it opened in 1842.

 2.        Historic  Sites and Architecture

Throughout its history, Lviv belonged to six different states—a fact which shaped not only the city’s unique cultural identity but also its appearance.  Lviv is a city where European architecture is marked with a Ukrainian touch. Its position on the crossroads of major trading routes always attracted the best architects from all over Europe. As a result here you can find here beautiful examples of most architectural styles - Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Classicism, and Modern. Almost half of Ukraine’s architectural landmarks are located here and the Old Town of Lviv was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 3.        Lviv Churches

The complex history of Lviv and its position between the East and the West determined its diverse ethnic make-up. It also affected the citizens' religious affiliations. Through the ages, the city had numerous churches and monasteries representing different Christian denominations. Also, Lviv traditionally had a large Jewish community, and synagogues played an important part in the city's life. Along with Christians and Jews, the city's population includes a few thousand Muslims, and an Islamic cultural center and a mosque opened here in 2015. 

There are about a hundred churches in the city today, and many of them have stories to tell that provide the most vivid reflection of Lviv's history in general.

4.        Lviv’s Rich Culinary Traditions and Unique Restaurant Culture

Lviv’s history also found its reflection in a variety of local dishes originating from Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Hungarian and Austrian cuisines. And of course, there are many places that offer universal favorites like pizza, burgers, sushi, wok dishes and countless other specialties.

The most exciting part about the local restaurant culture is unique-themed establishments that combine delicious food with creative entertainment ideas. Only in Lviv, you can see how coffee is being “mined” from under the city’s central square or meet “a medieval executioner” who runs a butcher’s shop and a restaurant.

Crowds of food lovers come to the popular Lviv Coffee Festival, Wine and Cheese Festival, and Street Food Festival.

5.        Best Coffee in Ukraine

You may not know that Europeans owe their coffee-drinking habit to former Lviv resident Franz Yuri Kulchytsky who opened a first coffee shop in Vienna in 1683. And Lviv has always been proud of its coffee tradition. In the late 18th century the secrets of chocolate-making were brought to Lviv by Swiss confectioner Dominic Andreolli and cafe culture has been thriving in the city ever since.

Today Lviv is Ukraine’s coffee Mecca and enjoying a cup of coffee here became somewhat an iconic travel experience. Local coffee-shops don’t serve food but always offer freshly baked pastries and desserts. Lviv will impress even most discerning coffee lovers with an overwhelming selection of coffee shops and cafes of all sizes and styles.

6.        Local Liqueurs and Digestives

               Pub- and bar-hopping is a long-going European touristic tradition, and Lviv offers a wide variety of local breweries and pubs. The city has a long history of beer brewing. However, there are other drinks that made bar-hopping a good traveling tradition in this city. These are very popular in Lvivhomemade liqueur  «nalyvka» and digestive «nastoyanka».  Both drinks are intensely flavored and usually, just a touch sweet, a bit strong, and often served chilled.

               If bar-hopping is not your thing, you can easily find these drinks in other places as many Lviv restaurants pride themselves for their signature secret recipes of liqueurs and digestives.


7.        Souvenirs and Crafts Shopping

Any travel is incomplete if you didn’t get something to remember the trip. Besides typical souvenirs like postcards and magnets, Lviv offers a wide selection of crafted products like vyshyvanky (embroidered tunics), rushnyky (ornamental towels),  pysanky (painted eggs) and traditional Ukrainian woodrats.  You will find plenty of shops and a large arts and crafts market in the historic Old Town.



Come to Lviv to celebrate its history, rich heritage and culture, architecture, arts, crafts, music, and delicious food!